Meet our ND friends in ND Community Services

All of our friends' organisations and services are neurodivergent-led (ADHD, Autistic or AuDHD) and owned.

Nurologik provide neurodivergent environmental assessments and quiet/sensory spaces at events, as well as services for neurodivergent individuals.

G Nature and Wellbeing help others reach a more calming and restorative state through nature and wellbeing based experiences, including forest bathing, sound baths, walking, group signing, yoga and pilates, wellness days and clinical holistic therapy. 

Sophie Varley is an education consultant, specialising in autism and SEMH provision. Sophie provides 1:1, personalised tutoring for autistic children and young people, whilst working closely with caregivers and family members in a holistic way to achieve best results. Sophie also provides training and consultancy services to educational organisations and professionals to improve practice.