Resources for Employers

Accessible job adverts guide

Many autistic people with valuable skills and experience are shut-out of employment due to inaccessible job adverts. We recommend that you also include and adjustments pledge on your advert such as 'please get in touch with (named contact email and phone number) to discuss any adjustments we may be able to make for you. You can also encourage disabled candidates to apply by giving some examples and case studies of adjustments you either offer as standard, or that you have tailored for a candidate. Ensure your job advert is inclusive by following our guide.

Assessment and Interview adjustments guide

Autistic people are further disadvantaged in recruitment processes, without the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and aptitude for your role and so you should consider whather you can offer a practical task to complete as an alternative. Questions in advance (ideally 3-5 days), providing good visual supporting information about any interviewers and assessors (such as the one page profile), the structure and timings of the interview and the location or meeting platform is best practice. Follow our guide to ensure that you don't exclude candidates at this stage.

Accessible interview questions guide

We recommend designing and offering a practical task that candidates can complete, but appreciate that you will need to ask some questions. Being clear and literal, and referring to past experiences rather than 'what-if' scenarios is the best way to ensure that the way you ask questions is accessible. Follow our guide for more helpful information about structuring and asking questions.