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We offer a number of pre-developed training courses and talks suitable for a wide variety of audences. We are always keen to tailor or create training and talks to specifically meet your needs, and so if you don't see what you need in our standard offers below, please do get in touch with us today.

Customised Consultancy and training

Aûtentic specialise in providing tailored consultancy, resource development, and training for organisations that need something more specialised and tailored to them.

Examples include (not exhaustive):

  • posters for security and restaurant staff areas on how to support autistic people experiencing overwhelming anxiety
  • webinars on providing additional support during exceptional times
  • visual resources and prompts on adapting communication for call handlers in customer service centres
  • designing working processes and adaptations to existing processes that support autistic customers and employees
  • training for music teachers working in the community
  • quiet room audit and design for a global bank
  • training for staff at a cocktail bar
  • adapting employers competancy frameworks to ensure that they do not discriminate against autistic employees
  • training for leadership coaches 
  • language reviews of template letters and literature
  • fascilitating new colleague resource/lived experience workplace groups and networks.  

Whatever need your organisation has we are happy to discuss, advise and provide a no obligation proposal with our outline solution and costs.

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