Talk Overview

Introduction to Autism for workplaces

How has this talk been developed?

This 1 hour (in total) talk, comprising approximately 45-50 minutes content and a brief question and answer session to finish. It has been developed in-line with the latest research and empirical studies relating to aspects of autism, and autism affirming support, and balanced with 10 years professional experience of supporting autistic people, professionals and parents and caregivers, as well as lived experience of the specific subject matter.

What is the overall course aim of the talk?

You will gain a basic understanding of what autism is, autistic culture and autism-affirming support within the workplace.

What are the expected learning outcomes?

  • Aware of the current prevalence of autism
  • Aware of the common differences that autistic people have compared to non-autistic people
  • Aware of the overlap of autism with other neurodivergent conditions
  • Aware of language and terminology to use that is respectful to many/most autistic people
  • Aware of autistic anxiety response and triggers
  • Aware of the differences in autistic culture compared to non-autistic culture
  • Aware of practical every-day strategies to be autism-affirming within your workplace
  • Aware of how to access additional strategies and resources to support you to become a more autism-affirming workplace

Who is this talk for?

This course has been designed for everyone in a workplace setting. No previous knowledge or training is required.