Environmental Assessments

Our environmental assessments are designed to highlight aspects of your autism-affirming and accessible building design and features, as well as providing a comprehensive audit to recommend changes. We can assess proposed designs (desktop surveys), existing premises that are due for refurbishment or re-design, or premises that have a very limited capacity to retrofit, and make meaningful recommendations.

Environmental Assessments pricing: Starting at £1400 per location (includes a building or space with a maximum occupancy of up to 300 people)

The Benefits of Choosing Aûtentic Environmental Assessments

Our environmental assessments take an autism affirming approach, and often involve on-the-spot coaching during site assessment visits and virtual meetings so that you can benefit from minimising any retrofitting or major changes in design as early on as possible.


Our expertise is in autism, but we can and do advise on how other conditions intersect with autism and recommend effective solutions for neurodivergent users of your spaces and premises, in-line with British Standard Industry guidance on Neurodiversity and the built environment. We don't just focus on sensory aspects, but take a holistic approach when assessing how people, access, navigate and use your space.


Our Assessment Process

  • We will have an initial conversation with the requester, and provide an information pack, with step by step instructions on the process, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you, and timescales.
  • We will meet on-line and schedule meetings to gather information with all key individuals, including architects, engineers, facilities and estates key contacts and and provide a pre-meeting survey and agenda ahead of time. 
  • We produce a final report and offer a 1 hour meeting to advise on implementing any of the recommendations that have been made.