Course Description

Autism for Colleagues and Ancillary Staff

How has this course been developed?

This 3 hour course has been developed in-line with the latest research and empirical studies relating to aspects of autism-affirming support in the workplace and balanced with 10 years professional experience of supporting autistic people, security, catering facilities, house-keeping and reception sub-contractors and staff as well as lived experience of the specific subject matter.

What is the overall course aim?

This course aims to develop a strong understanding of how to support undiagnosed, undisclosed, disclosed or self-recognising autistic people in the workplace. You will gain an understanding of how to support in an autism-affirming way and how to recognise when someone may be autistic and change your approaches to interacting and communcating with them, as well as how to make supportive changes to the enviroment and any processes you are responsible for.

What are the expected learning outcomes?

  • Good understanding of autism
  • Understand the Equality Act 2010 and reasonable adjustments in relation to autism
  • Understand how to support autistic employees and visitors that may be anxious or overwhelmed
  • Understand how to adapt communication and interaction to support autistic people
  • Aware of supportive and autism-affirming changes to your environment or processes
  • Workshop practical and tailored strategies to adapt your personal and team practice to be autism-affirming
  • Aware of how to access additional strategies and resources to support your autism-affirming team or personal change

Who is this course for?

This course has been designed for employees, security, catering facilities, house-keeping and reception sub-contractors and staff in workplaces and organisations in any sector. No previous understanding of autism is required.