Accessibility Assessments

Our accessibility assessments are designed to help organisations or individuals to identify any improvements in terms of accessing their websites, literature or processes and to be autism-affirming.

We will carry out a thorough language and formatting review and feedback, in a way that is meaningful for you, on changes that you can make (with examples) to achieve your aim of being autism-affirming.


Accessibility Assessments pricing: Starting at £120 (this would typically for a langauge review of up to 2 pages of A4 content or 5 webpages)

Examples of Accessibility Assessments

  • Recruitment website
  • Job adverts and descriptions
  • Security signing in/arrival process
  • Booking system review
  • Template letter review
  • Website navigation

Our Assessment Process

  • We will have an initial conversation with the requester, and provide step by step instructions on the process, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you, and timescales.
  • We will meet on-line and schedule meetings to gather information with all key individuals and provide a pre-meeting survey and agenda ahead of time. 
  • We produce a final report and offer a further 1 hour meeting to discuss any aspects of the report further, and follow up services.